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@djsumdog @fluffy the build """system""" downloads an additional 2GB of dependencies when you run make

Was fun running this on my mobile data.

@ab73h5i that sounds familiar, but no I don't have it handy.

@alex this is a lot more true than most people realize, but there are many professions where auto-didactic learning outside of some kind of institution (university, vocational school, certification program, etc) is just not possible.

Instances like baraag.net and to a lesser extent pawoo.net don't get enough respect from the rest of fediverse.

There's not many instances out there that's dedicated explicitly to disseminating honest to god original content, directly from the authors of said content.

You don't have to like the stuff, but curb your contempt. Shitposting and reposting memes from other places is good and all, but original hand-made images and videos is what gives a platform its soul.

fucking pedos


I just spent 15 minutes setting up this instance to prove it can be done. total cost to set up this instance - $0.00 upfront, $0.00 recurring

the domain (pl.poo.li) came for free from afraid.org public subdomain registry and is free for me to use as long as the person who owns the root domain renews it (look for domains with high ages if you are using this method)

the VPS hosting is free on the always free tier from Oracle. they offer free trials and when you sign up for always free tier you get a trial of the other services as well. these instances are 1 full CPU core (2 threads) on AMD EPYC server grade CPU with 1GB ram (1GB swap) and 50GB of hdd space. the caveat to them always being free is the disk speed is limited to 50MB/s and the network bandwidth is limited to 50mbps in/out. a single user or a handful of users would not notice this under normal circumstances.

I will likely write up a guide this weekend but this is just proof it can be done. thank you for coming to my tedtalk

@LoliKing @Halo Yeah there are a lot of highly customized mastodon instances out there, but it adds maintenance overhead long term which is not something baraag can afford.

Have to just settle with custom emojis

@vaas You didn't mention colour management which is surprisingly non-existent in baseline Wayland.


Yeah it's been over a decade, somehow this monolithic, opinionated display protocol still doesn't have anything to say about colour management (yet), which basically makes Wayland useless for professional use cases like illustration, photography and VFX.

As long as these use cases aren't accounted for in baseline Wayland, then the catchphrase "every frame is perfect" is literally a myth.

@miria @spiral Well I'm glad you acknowledged that the problem you pointed out is indeed imaginary.

@miria @spiral The BSD project isn't a person, I see no problem that isn't imaginary.

@miria @spiral That doesn't make sense, they can still use it. Unless there's a clause that says people who write BSD licesned software aren't allowed to have and use a copy of GPL software that I missed?

@miria @spiral Sure, is there something stopping them from using the modified copy?

@miria @spiral This strikes me as an imaginary problem. What does it meant to "get it back?"

@miria I see, whatevs then, publishing source code isn't exactly hard but ok.

@miria Okay, that's my mistake then, so I suppose all you care about is not having to disclose your modified source code to your users? You'd be okay if other people distributed unlicensed copies of your binaries, and you'd be okay if your source code leaked and everyone distributed it freely?

@miria If you lived in a country where slavery were legal, and you valued the freedom to own other people, more power to you I suppose.

@miria I'm saying your so called "freedom" to restrict other people's ability to copy your software is basically the same thing as having the freedom to own slaves.

You read that right.